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Simple system

You create your account at this site and can connect your payment wristband to your account. At creation you’ll be asked if the account shall be able to handle more than one wristband or multiple wristbands. You’ll be able to change any information given at creation, at any time when logged on, but whether it can handle more than one wristband is locked at creation.


The payment solution is based on NFC technology (Near Field Communications.) All Credit Card information is handled by PCI certified card acquirer. Using the payment solution, “Lejrpung” and an associated wristband is like ordinary online shopping and is a secure and easy form of payment. The FDF National Camps payment solution, “Lejrpung” is a future-proof payment solution that minimizes the use of cash at the camp. The payment solution secures you against misuse, and you will have digital access to all your receipts for purchases during FDF National Camp 2022.

Future payment

FDF Landslejr is the payment method of the future which minimize the use of cash in camps. The system is secure to fraud and you have digital access to all of your receipts.